فروشگاه اینترنتی دیجی کالا - Kaspersky Internet Security | Antivirus 2012 (abcd) Final
فروشگاه اینترنتی دیجی کالا
ایرانی سافت به روزترین مرجع دانلود رایگان نرم افزار
فروش ویژه عروسک جناب خان اورجینال

عروسک جناب خان اورجینال. عرضه شده در 2 سایز کوچک و بزرگ. دارای كد تایید صحت كالا، دارای هولوگرام و اتیكت جناب خان. استفاده از الیاف نرم در تولید عروسك. 100% اورجینال و فوق العاده با كیفیت ...
عروسكی كه به شما معرفی میكنیم علاوه بر شناخته شدنش در بین كودكان، در بین بزرگسالان هم طرفداران بسیاری دارد. جناب خان مدتی است در برنامه ی خندوانه به كارگردانی رامبد جوان بر روی آنتن و از شبكه ی نسیم پخش می شود. از این رو كه همیشه و در همه جای دنیا شخصیت های برتر، دارای طرفدارانی هستند، ما نیز بر آن شدیم تا این عروسك زیبا و شاد را در بین طرفداران این مجموعه و دوست داران جناب خان تهیه و توزیع كنیم.
- برای خرید سایز کوچک عروسک جناب خان با قیمت 35000 تومان از لینک زیر وارد صفحه توضیحات محصول شوید و دکمه خرید پستی سایز کوچک را انتخاب کنید و برای خرید سایز بزرگ عروسک با قیمت 45000 تومان می توانید از دکمه خرید پستی زیر استفاده کنید.

روش خرید: برای خرید پس از کلیک روی دکمه زیر و تکمیل فرم سفارش، ابتدا محصول مورد نظر را درب منزل یا محل کار تحویل بگیرید، سپس وجه کالا و هزینه ارسال را به مامور پست بپردازید. جهت مشاهده فرم خرید، روی دکمه زیر کلیک کنید.

قیمت: 45000 تومان

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Kaspersky Internet Security | Antivirus 2012 (abcd) Final

 Information Soft
Title: Kaspersky Internet Security / Antivirus 2012 Final
Category: Security
Developer: Kaspersky
Year: 2011
File Size: 160.94 MB
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About: Kaspersky Internet Security & Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 - a new step in protecting your computer. The new product line will be a lot of innovations.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 - the ideal solution for Internet security. The product provides continuous protection from Internet threats regardless of whether you work, use the services of online banking, shop, chat or play online.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 - the solution to the base to protect your computer from malicious software. It protects in real time from the major information-threats - both known and new.

Protection against viruses and spyware in real time
Check the Web sites and programs for malicious code
Advanced proactive protection from Internet threats
Web filter that blocks access to dangerous sites
Reliable protection of personal data
A safe environment for launching programs and Web sites
Search for vulnerabilities in installed programs
Flexible and effective parental control
A convenient desktop gadget
Minimal impact on computer

What's new in Kaspersky Internet Security 2012:
Now the work of "cloud" technologies (Kaspersky Security Network) is reflected in the main window of the product, which increases their visibility and clarity
Added check reputation KSN suspicious executable files
introduced a collection of information about patterns of behavior triggered by the user software for analysis and reputation programs KSN (PBS)
added an intelligent system to download updates, now updates are downloaded only for the active ingredients of the product and the resources of a computer upgrade is optimized so as not to interfere with the performance of other programs,
anti-spam module will no longer require training, so as to extract information for their work from the "cloud"
significantly improved rootkit detection technology operations aimed at capturing the process of booting the computer in order to conceal its presence on the user kompyutre
significantly changed the main interface product: now in the main window you can see all the information became more comfortable and display of news Kaspersky Lab, also added support for touch screens, added the manager of internal problems and improved desktop gadget
improved protection against unknown threats by monitoring the activity of programs
revised phishing protection: now in addition to checking the web resource on the local database of phishing links, and the request is sent to the "cloud", and in the absence of information in both sources is carried out using heuristic analysis. In general, checking for phishing realized as when viewing site in a browser, and when communicating via IM clients and email correspondence
significantly improved scan engine options: the definition of risk is not only links the information from the database of malicious and phishing URL, but also information from databases on the server "Kaspersky Lab" (the so-called "cloud"). In addition, you can set to visit the unwanted categories of websites (such as "pornography", "cruelty and violence," etc.)
significantly improved product performance and reduced its impact on system performance and other programs.

Key features and benefits
Kaspersky Internet Security - is the best solution for Internet security.
Proactive protection against Internet threats in real time
Protect your computer from various types of known and unknown malware.
Web filter to block dangerous sites
Web Filter provides protection from visiting Web sites that are dangerous or have objectionable content. Through regular updates, database Web Filter automatically blocks access to new undesirable sites. Disabled by default.
Reliable protection of your personal data
Intelligent system of protection against phishing and virtual keyboard securely protect your personal information when you make online purchases, financial transactions over the Internet or communicate in social networks.
Control program does not allow malicious applications to be harmful to your system
Each running on a computer program gets access rights to system resources and the Internet only after checking on a regularly updated database of threats.
Activity monitoring software
The newest technology activity monitoring software monitors and analyzes all system events, allowing programs to identify suspicious behavior. If a malicious program is recognized, the user can undo all the actions taken by it in the system.
Unique mode of Safe Environment for applications and Web sites
Mode Safe Environment allows you to run any suspicious programs and Web sites in an isolated virtual space where they can not harm the host system.
Special treatments for the most difficult of infections
Bootable CD-ROM, which is in a box, contains a set of tools for the effective treatment and recovery system in case of infection. If you have downloaded the product "Kaspersky Lab" on the Internet, you can create your own with the help of a rescue disk.
Game profile. Special mode optimizes protection when running full screen applications (games, presentations, etc.) so as not to interrupt the full screen application and does not interfere with the performance of his work.
Gadget desktop for quick access to key features of the product
Check the status of your computer protection and quick access to settings and functions of the product has never been so easy!

On file:
Enabling | reg code: yes
Language: English
File format: rar


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Kaspersky 2012 (a.b.c.d) Final







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